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Size: 18"x12"x1 ¼" (Walnut & Cherry)
          19"x12"x1¼" (Cherry & Walnut)
          18¾"x11"x1¼" (Walnut & Cherry Squares)
          17¾"x13¾"x1½" (Ash)

Weight: 3.050kg (Walnut & Cherry)
               3.126kg (Cherry & Walnut)
               2.774kg (Walnut & Cherry Squares)
               4.192kg (Ash)

These cutting boards are hefty, sturdy, and durable. Provided they are taken care of properly, they will last a very long time.

"Inspired by the beauty of natural wood, clean lines and contemporary design, ten west designs emerged as a creative outlet during the fall and winter months. Working one-on-one with individuals, turning visions and ideas into functional pieces of modern art is what I really enjoy. Whether it be cutting boards or kitchen tables, I feel every element of wood in a home should not only serve a purpose, but should stand out as a piece of art proudly displayed in your home."


  • After use, wash with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and dish soap. Dry immediately and thoroughly.
  • Never put this board in the dishwasher! The high temperature will ruin the wood.
  • After drying, season the board with mineral oil or beeswax, or for best results, a combination of both.
  • Colours in pictures may not precisely match those in real life.