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Blade Length: 165 mm
Steel: Shirogami #2
Handle: Magnolia
Ferrule: Buffalo Horn
HRC:  60-62
Bevel: Right

Thinner and shorter in height than the regular deba, the aideba is also used for breaking down fish. As it is thinner, it is easier to chip if not careful.


  • After use, wash with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and dish soap. Dry immediately and thoroughly to prevent rust from forming.
  • When cutting acidic ingredients (eg. rhubarb, onions, tomatoes), wipe or wash immediately after use.
  • Because this knife is made of carbon steel, it will eventually develop a patina, or oxidation, that will eventually help with rust prevention. Be aware that this looks like discolouration.
  • Never put this knife in the dishwasher! The high temperature will ruin the wood handle and may dull the blade!
  • Avoid hard ingredients like nuts, bones, and frozen foods. They may chip the edge.