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Grit: 1000
Whetstone Size: 206×73×23mm

Suehiro's Cerax line of whetstones are great synthetic stones. They work well with all types of steel, develop slurry quickly, and stay flat longer and do not need to be flattened as often. This stone comes with a case that acts as a stand and as a container to soak in and with a nagura (dressing) stone that removes steel particles that get clogged in the stone.

This 1000 grit stone is perfect for touching up frequently used knives and refining knives that have been sharpened on lower grit stones. Western knives also do well to finish on this stone. When used with the nagura, this medium grit stone can act as a finishing stone to polish up knives.


  • Before use, soak for around 10 minutes or until bubbles stop.
  • Do not soak the stone for long periods of time.
  • Clean sediment off after every use.
  • If the stone becomes dished or lightly gouged, flatten with a truing stone or diamond plate.