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Blade Length: 180 mm
Steel: Shirogami #3
Handle: Magnolia
Ferrule: Water Buffalo Horn
HRC: 60-61
Bevel: Right

A good starter knife for those who want to get acquainted with traditional Japanese knives. It is easy to sharpen and is a great knife to learn how to sharpen on a whetstone.

The usuba is a single-bevelled knife used for vegetables. Similar to a nakiri, the belly of the blade is flat, which allows it to excel at chopping vegetables.


  • After use, wash with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and dish soap. Dry immediately and thoroughly to prevent rust from forming.
  • When cutting acidic ingredients (eg. rhubarb, onions, tomatoes), wipe or wash immediately after use.
  • Because this knife is made of carbon steel, it will eventually develop a patina, or oxidation, that will eventually help with rust prevention. Be aware that this looks like discolouration.
  • Never put this knife in the dishwasher! The high temperature will ruin the wood handle and may dull the blade!
  • Avoid hard ingredients like nuts, bones, and frozen foods. They may chip the edge.
  • Remove plastic handle covering before first use.